Good Health for success

How one cares for the physical body at an early age can determine what kind of body he will be confined to when older. Will it be a body that ages well, with relatively few health issues? Or will it be one wracked with painful and debilitating diseases that require dramatic lifestyle adjustments?

Being young can sometimes deceive a young person into believing he or she will remain in that condition forever and avoid the effects of an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and excessive eating. Not noticing detrimental effects early on can cause one to feel he is immune to negative consequences. Couple that with unhealthy genetics (family health history) and you can have a recipe for a health disaster.

Do you realize that by the time an individual reaches the age of approximately 27 the body has reached the pinnacle of physical existence? From then on, the body begins to deteriorate. What you do before and after that age will certainly have bearing on the quality of life you will experience as the body ages.

Most young people expect to attain a certain level of success in life. In order to achieve that goal and to enjoy it, a person may need to live an appreciable lifespan. Yet, health issues early in life can inhibit this goal.

You have probably heard it said that you are what you eat, which is certainly true. Most will eat according to the palate rather than making healthy choices. For instance, do you shun fruits, vegetables and other foods that will contribute to good health in exchange for tasty prepackaged convenience foods?

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