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When faced with failure or rejection, most of us lock ourselves in the darkness to run away from sadness, pain, and disappointment. We usually tend to blame other people for the bad things that happen to us. It doesn’t matter if it is about a bad relationship, a bad career, or a bad marriage, many of us find rescue in blaming others for the failure.

But there are only a few, who don’t indulge in the blame game. They rather focus their strengths to make sure life circumstances don’t stop them from achieving their dreams. N. Ambika is one such courageous woman, whose life has inspired many men and women, who felt helpless while fighting against their life circumstances.

N Ambika was just 14 years old when she got married to a Police constable at Dindikal, Tamilnadu. In spite of being a victim of Child Marriage, she didn’t blame the system. At the age of 18, she blessed with two daughters Aigan and Niharika.

Ambika’s husband was a Police Constable in TN Government. The initial years of marriage were spent in bringing up the children. Somewhere deep in her heart, she nurtured dreams of acquiring an important position in society. One day he went to attend a ceremonial Parade program in which IG and DG of the locality were the guests of honor.

Ambika was impressed with the respect and honor were given to the DG and IG. After returning home she asked her husband “who were these officers and why are they given such VIP treatment.? “Her husband said, “they are high ranking IPS officers “. It was then, that she nurtured a dream of becoming an IPS officer herself. The first challenge was that she was married at a young age, so she could not complete her SSLC. Her husband supported her, so Ambika could pass SSLC, PUC, and graduation through open distance learning. The nearest coaching for Civil Services exam was available only in Chennai. She stayed in PG accommodation in Chennai and attended the coaching classes.

Even after three sincere efforts, she failed to clear the exam. Her husband was a bit disappointed and advised her to give up and come back.” I will be having two stars on my shoulders by the time I retire” he added. Ambika listened patiently and said,” please give me one year, I will try again, If I don’t succeed, then I will come back and work as a teacher in some school.”

Ambika put in her heart and soul and finally cleared the prelims, mains and interview in 2008 to become an IPS officer. During her training at the IPS Academy, she was a batchmate of Ravi D Chennanavar DCP Bangalore, who used to describe her as an attentive and brave officer. Ambika now works as a Deputy Commissioner of Police North Mumbai.

N Ambika

Ambika has become a role model for many women. We are not only celebrating the courage of Ambika but also her husband’s immense sacrifice, support, and patience. Ambika’s story is the source of great strength for many of us, who are struggling with our circumstances and feeling helpless.

So rather than giving up, Ambika’s story inspires us to be brave and start our journey towards our destiny. Though this brave woman was a victim of child marriage, she refused to spend her whole life blaming the system. Rather, she dedicated her life to fighting against the system and win over it – to bring the change.