Happy Relationships

As human beings we all maintain relationships-be they in the family,or friends,colleagues, neighbors,relatives etc.If these relationships are happy and cordial ,they give us joy and make life worth living,otherwise they are a pain.

Achieving success has a lot to do with the state of mind.Tensions,stresses distract a person from putting her best.from my experience and interaction with various people ,I have come to the conclusion that to ensure happy relationships ,there should be a  mutually acceptable code of conduct drawn out in the beginning.

Some of the points which come to my mind for including in the code of conduct are as follows;

Mutual and unconditional  respect at all times.

Absolute clarity in money matters

Maintain regular communication

Always understand the other person’s point of view.

Appreciate and compliment at every possible opportunity.

If you don’t like something in other’s behavior,find a suitable opportunity at the earliest to convey properly ,without bitterness or anger.

Don’t hesitate to say sorry,and mean it from your heart.

If someone says sorry,realize that it takes a lot of inner strength to say sorry,appreciate that ,accept it and never again rake up that issue.

There should be a grievance redress system,wherein all grievances should be resolved at the earliest.If possible involve a mature person in this.

Remember that it is easy to break a relationship at the slightest pretext,but difficult to maintain a healthy relationship for long years.The later requires wisdom and maturity.

3 thoughts on “Happy Relationships”

  1. ayushi banzal said:

    any relationship is like a book …
    it take a minute to burn but years to write ….

  2. Well said.I put it this way” It is better to loose an argument rather than loosing a friend or a near one or any relationship .

  3. Indeed relationships are the biggest assets when good and a pain when not kept up properly,and everyone must respect each other in any relationship.

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