Power of thought


The mind can be defined as bundle of thoughts. Thought makes the mind and mind is the process of brain as walking is the process of legs. Thoughts are vital, living force and irresistible force that exists in the universe. The thought world is more real and relevant than this physical universe. The body is mirror of our inner thoughts. The body is always talking to us. Every cell within our body responds to every single thought you think and every word we speak. Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produce body behaviors, postures and ease or disease. The only thing we can are ever dealing with is thought and thought can changed. Pain of any sort to us, is an indication of guilt thought. The only thing you ever have any control of is your current thought.

The power of thought is very great, every thought you have, has a vital value to you in every possible way. The thought is the strength of body. You succeed in life and pleasure you give to others by your company, and all are dependent on the nature and quality of thoughts. Thought gives you health, if you entertain healthy thoughts. You can keep good health, because when you are in good thoughts, your endocrine system flows the fountain of hormones in circulatory system through blood.

Thoughts are living thing. Every change in thought is accompanied by vibration of its mental matter. Thoughts are subtle matter. Thought has form, size, shape, color, quality, substances, power and weight.

Type of Thought Color
Spiritual Thought Yellow
Anger Thought / Alert Thought Dark Red
Selfish Thought Brown
Dedicative Thought White
Strong Courageous Thought Saffron
Love Thought Pink


Thoughts are more contagious then any epidemic disease. At first, an evil thought enters the mind. Then you entertain a strong imagination. Thoughts gain strengths by repetition. If you entertain an evil thought or good thought once, this evil thoughts or good thoughts have a tendency to reoccur again. If you entertain one evil thought, all sorts of evil thoughts join together and pull you down. If you entertain good thoughts all good thoughts join together and raise you up. Everyday in morning and evening evaluate your thought process. Try to choose positive thoughts, loving thoughts, cooperative thoughts, enthusiastic thoughts, thoughts of forgiveness, thoughts of discipline, thoughts of courage and confidence.


Food is like a “double edged sword.” it cures the disease but it may generate a disease as well if taken improperly. Right diet can prevent and fight against disease. So making a right choice of food and cooking them properly are important.

The best qualitative food for mind and body are satvik food, which contain all the healthy contents of food. Recognizing that food, act of eating and one who eats are all expression of spirit. Satvic foods are the purest, those that are fresh fragrant, and tasty. They include organically grown natural foods, without additives, such as fresh seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruits, cereals, nuts, and seeds and selected dairy products. Considers mealtime as a form of meditation, when possible eats in silence and quite, peaceful atmosphere. Begins meals with a prayer. These help to maintain clarity of thought, decision making, and intellectual contemplative thinking they also increase your vitality, energy, and health and make you more joyful, cheerful and calm.

 Courtsey DR. RANJIT SINGH M.D.  Homeopathy  from Rajasthan.

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