Why this blog?

These days the newspapers/magazines and news channels are generally flooded with news about scams,scandals,accidents,terror attacks,rape cases etc.People are inadvertently feeding their minds with negativism through the media.In fact there  a lot of real success stories about people doing well in competitive exams,sports,and excelling in so many fields every day in different parts of the country.These are either ignored or reported in some obscure corner of the newspaper.or shown as glimpse in some TV channel. However magazines for competitive exams publish success stories of some toppers.

Streaks of light in the area of darkness

The TV show IBN Zindigi live also focuses on success stories.


The anchor Ms Richa Anirudh  ,with her enigmatic smile ,effectively  presents the success stories of people from humble beginnings ,who struggled against all odds,facing lack of resources. socioeconomic problems,but had strong willpower.These little known people by their sheer grit and determination have made a place for themselves in society.

Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan deserves applause for presenting a brave and thought provoking show in which he brought up sensitive social issues before the public very effectively.The show featured problems of people and highlighted the manner in which they faced them,creating success stories in their own right.

Aamir-Khan-In-Satyamev-Jayate-Image (211 x 159)

Satyemev Jayate was an inspiration to me ,as it was a movement to change people’s mindset.

Kaun Banega Crorepati

The most popular TV show  KBC presented by the legendary Amitabh Bachan featured people from different walks of life who enhanced their knowledge base and general awareness to find their way to the “hot seat”


The introductory video clips showing the profiles of the contestants featured many common people notably from the lower socioeconomic strata of society,who revealed their dreams,and also achieved them through extraordinary grit and determination.Their success stories inspired me.

Rajiv Motivation Zone

The website and blog created by Rajiv Bajaj is really fabulous.It is packed with all the tools for motivation like thoughts,presentations,motivational posters,inspiring stories,to name just a few.


It is a mental  tonic and I can’t help taking my daily dose,which refreshes me for the whole day.I am personally indebted to Shri Rajiv Bajaj ,as he is my mentor who has been sparing time to enlighten and guide me.


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