1). Overcoming fear

The number one reason why I emphasize the need to develop your sales skills and learn how to sell is because selling is life. The process of selling begins with a call –more often a cold call. Overcoming the fear to make a cold call is the first victory.

Fear is the primary reason which prevents people from sharing their most brilliant ideas in public. Fear is the reason most people are afraid to quit their jobs and start a business. Overcoming fear will give you the confidence to move ahead.

2) Active Listening

The common misconception is that salespeople talk a lot. In fact, some of the best salespeople are fairly quiet types. They follow the “80/20 rule,” meaning they let the prospect talk for 80% of the conversation while they only speak for 20% of the time. During the 80%, the salesperson is listening intently and noting down points to emphasize later.

This same skill is very applicable to everyday conversation. The best thing you can do for someone is listening to them. By actively listening to the person you are showing that you give them attention. Then by following up with logical, relevant questions, you can maneuver the direction of the conversation to your advantage.

3) Objection Handling

Objection handling, the ability to effectively respond to and quell a buyer’s criticism or doubt, is a core sales skill. Almost every prospect has an objection. Much like in sales, objection handling is an incredibly important skill in everyday life. You will run into objections everywhere you go. People will take it upon themselves to object to your propositions, actions, and decisions no matter what. If you don’t know how to handle them, you will never have your say.

4) Goal Setting

Every salesperson has to achieve goals, targets, and meet deadlines. They become masters at motivating themselves based on self-defined and organizational goals. In order to be more productive in your personal life also, start by setting some short-term goals for yourself. This could be anything from exercising regularly to cut off 5 kgs weight in the next 3 months or devoting 10 hours on weekends to clear your promotion exam. After setting your goal, stick to it till you reach the destination.

5). Find a way to connect

Successful salespeople are masters in connecting with other people because building rapport is a crucial part of every sales call. The next time you talk to a person observe the way he or she talks. Find out what the person likes, what hobbies they have. Why? Because similarities connect people. Once you are able to build a rapport with people, relationships will improve and you are sure to have a smooth sailing.

6). Picture your end result

Successful salespeople always see their customers being fully satisfied with the service they offer. They see the end results even before they start selling. They always have these images in their minds.

Make a habit to picture the end result for everything you want in your life. Even when you don’t have the slightest idea how you are going to make it, visualize your end result. Picture yourself driving your new car, sipping a nice, tasty coffee on a balcony of your new apartment or signing a new contract in your office as a successful business owner. Having the image of your desired thing always in your mind will help you to find ways to realize your dreams.

7). Don’t quit

One of the hardest sales skills to learn is how to deal with rejections. Jean Paul DeJoria, the co-founder of Jean Mitchel Systems and founder of Patron Tequila said: “When 100 doors are slammed in your face, go to the door number 101 and be just as enthusiastic as you were at the beginning. “Those who have become celebrities have faced repeated rejections, but they didn’t quit. Remember when someone says no to you, it means new opportunity.

How to do that? Just don’t take a rejection personally and go on. If some people say “no” to your idea or proposal, they are maybe just not prepared for it, right now. But don’t allow this to create doubt in yourself. Believe in yourself and find people who will support your ideas.

8) Keep eye contact

Keeping eye contact is one of those tiny, small but very important sales skills which show a prospect you really care about him or her. Successful people know that avoiding eye contact is a sign of insecurity or lack of confidence.

When facing an interviewer or talking to someone important, keeping eye contact helps to get better results.

9). Do the best follow up

One of the most efficient sales skills for bringing referrals in is a great follow-up. How good would you feel if you enroll in a fitness program and the next day a fitness instructor calls you asking how you feel after your first workout day? People who do great follow-ups know they can win customers for life.

So, if you want to be successful make sure you take great care of people around you. If you helped someone at your office with a problem a week ago, ask him how he is doing now, what his progress is. If you are a doctor ask your assistant to pick up the phone today and ask your patients how they are feeling after the treatment.


Mastering sales skills are basically the art of mastering relationships with people around you. To be successful in your life, work every day on slight improvements on every of these sales skills, and the compound effect of slight improvements will be shown in the better quality of your life very soon. Work regularly on yourself, read motivational books every day, watch videos on YouTube which motivate you.