“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

― Ambrose Redmoon

It is said that ordinary people live for themselves, not for others, but there are one in a million, who risk their lives to save others. This makes them stand out, and they become extraordinary. The holy town of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh became witness to a rare saga of bravery and courage. It is my proud privilege to present Nikita, who has become larger than life, by her selfless act of saving the life of a four year old girl.Radheshyam who is a daily wage labourer in a small village Kailod Kanker.He is the proud father of Nikita.He is uneducated but ensures that his daughter goes to school regularly. He believes that education will help his daughter to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor.


Young Nikita has spent her childhood without any luxuries of life. She has to walk about two kms daily to fetch water and firewood, along with her mother Mamta. She does not have access to TV or mobile. She studies in class VIII in Saraswati Vidyapeeth School, in Mangalia road .The Principal of the school Neetu Tiwari describes Nikita as an alert and regular student. She is doing well in studies and manages to remain among the top five students in her class. Apart from studies, she also likes to participate in other activities of the school.

On 8 Dec 2015,Nikita had accompanied thirty two of her classmates to a picnic to Devguradiya.Enroute the they decided to visit Ujjaini –the confluence of river Narmada and Shipra.At about 1.30 pm when the girls were having lunch on the bank of the river, they heard loud cries of a wailing mother whose child had drowned in the river. Several people present there just looked to that side, wondering what had happened. But not Nikita-without wasting a second, she got up and rushed towards the shore.Without giving any thought to her own safety, she instantly jumped into the river, and started swimming towards the drowning child. Undeterred by the cold water and weather, she soon reached to the child, who was struggling for life. She held the child firmly by her waist and swam back towards the shore. All the people who had gathered, on hearing the cries of the mother stood speechless. The mother who was waiting eagerly with baited breath, rushed towards Nikita and took her child in her lap. Tears of joy rolled down her eyes. The people present around clapped in excitement and showered praise on Nikita.

This real story leaves me thinking about the future of Nikita.Given the poor financial condition of her parents, how will her dreams of becoming a doctor be realized?