“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” – Arnold

When he graduated in 1998 with a BA degree from Government College, Dhaliara, near his village in Himachal Pradesh, he hadn’t ever used a computer. He moved to Chandigarh about fifteen years ago. He was jittery about his future, when a friend told him that a computer course would enable him to get a job for ₹ 5000 a month. He came to Chandigarh, in search of a job. Very soon he realized that a plain graduate like him could not get a job, unless he acquires some professional qualification. He was not the one to go back empty-handed. He got a job as a peon at the local Aptech Computer Education Centre, and managed to fund his one-year computer course as well. To save money, he often had to skip meals, because he knew that his parents could not support him as they were not financially well off.

It is my privilege to present before you Mr. Chhotu Sharma who is now is the founder CEO of CS Group. He is a Microsoft Certified Software Developer and has been training IT professionals in Microsoft technologies since last 12 years. He is recognized as “The Guru of Microsoft Technologies”. For his excellent work in the field of education, he has been conferred with the title of “Himachal Gaurav” by the Chief Minister in the year 2007.

Chotu Sharma

Chotu Sharma with Shalini Sharma  

Working as a peon, Chhotu had to spend all day at the centre, which gave him a lot of free time to practice his computer lessons. He also started guiding other students with their programming lessons—and discovering his skills as a teacher. He decided to make a career in the field of computers. After becoming a Microsoft certified software developer, Chhotu continued teaching. He bought a bicycle which he used to reach the houses, where he would provide home tuitions in Computers. He was also offered a job of a part time Computer Instructor in Aptech for their evening classes. By 2000, he was earning enough to buy a motorbike and his first PC, with which he started his own computer institute in a rented two-room flat. In six months he had 80 students and more computers— all in a bigger place.

His students have been picked up by Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Accenture, TCS, Infosys and others. In the year 2009, he established CS Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a company offering complete IT solutions in multifarious IT applications. He has been instrumental in shaping the goals and evolving the values of CS Soft Solutions. Pvt. Ltd. His strong penchant for excellence at professional as well as at personal front, backed by a sincere and an honest approach towards life are the basic reasons for the success of the ventures he has launched and actively developed. These qualities of sincerity and honesty easily percolate among his students, ensuring their success in future lives too.

Today, he teaches advanced software development to more than 1000 students in his own Chandigarh-based CS Infotech. About 125 employees work in CS Soft Solutions, his software development company in Mohali. Chhotu also helps those in need: he reaches out to deserving students, funds marriages and helps youngsters from his village get an education. Some of his students testimonials mentioned below speak volumes about the dedication and effectiveness of Chotu Sharma and his faculty members.


Company: – Microsoft Technologies

My association with Mr Chhotu Sharma goes around a decade back now. He has been a Teacher, Mentor and Friend to me. Mr Sharma has been a pioneer of Technical education; He has always been ahead of the curve in anticipating ever changing technology and dissipating it to budding technologist helping them build their careers.

Name: – Yadvinder Rana

Company: – FISERV

He is a master of technology and has been doing a great job by mentoring, teaching and building good technocrats who are doing well in the IT Industry. I thank him for him for his extraordinary efforts in mounting careers and giving good professionals to IT industry.

It is said ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman’. The woman in Chotu Sharma’s life is Shalini Sharma. She is an embodiment of immense patience and optimism while possessing, sharp analytical as well as people management skills. Sincerity, simplicity and honesty have been her hallmark. She has trained thousands of students since last 10 years. She has prowess in the wide array of languages such as C, C++, C# ASP. Net, Visual Basic, Ajax, Silver Light etc. Her current affiliations include being a Trainer at CS Infotech and the Director at CS Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She received her Bachelor’s in Technology in Computer Science from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. Abreast with Chhotu Sharma in imparting technical training, since the existence of CS Group, she’s tirelessly worked with full dedication and sincerity.

“Back in my village, I never thought I’d get this far,” says Chhotu. “But all it takes is a little extra education and effort to make it work.”  When asked about his future plans, Chotu Sharma said, “By providing total solutions we tend to move further for the accomplishment of our vision viz, to be the leader in the industry oriented quality education and training and be the country’s premier institute for certification in the field of ICT.”