“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”

― W.P. Kinsella

He was counted among the bright students in school. His parents tried to force their ambition of becoming a doctor on him. Having done post graduation in English and Philosophy he appeared for the civil services. Four unsuccessful attempts shook his confidence and shattered his dreams. The winds of destiny led him to become a medical representative for some months.

Meet Rajesh Joshi the favorite teacher of a primary school in Uttarakhand. The students love, respect and adore him. They cannot imagine the school without him. Right from the morning assembly Rajesh is involved in some or the other activity of the school, trying to create a friendly learning environment. He never knew that he would enjoy teaching, until his parents forced him to become a teacher in a government school.


Rajesh joshi teacher

Rajesh Joshi

“I have learnt a lot from my students, and this is my real training” says Rajesh with pride. It was in 2007, that Rajesh got his first posting as a teacher in a school in Nitosha near More. It was a strange experience in a school, with two teachers and only two students present. The remaining ten students who were enrolled, hardly came to school. Word soon spread that the students who were going to school were enjoying, and learning was becoming fun, with the new teacher. Within one week the attendance become cent percent.

So much was the involvement of Rajesh with the students that he would visit their homes and meet their parents “If some family member fell ill, I would give them medicines, using my medical background. The interaction with them taught me a lot and helped me to get rid of the frustration caused by the repeated failures” says Rajesh.

The school in Uttarakhand located 45 kms form Uttarkashi was unique in many ways. The approach road to the school is a steep climb of 4 kms which takes one hour. It is the enthusiasm for teaching that does not tire him out, and now it has almost become a routine.

“A teacher is not just meant to teach the children he should also learn from them. They have a storehouse of experiences. I give full liberty to my students and encourage them. There is no fear of making mistakes. It is only after making mistakes, that they correct themselves “says Rajesh.

Taking up the career of a teacher was not easy one, Sarcastic, critical remarks like “he wants to change the world” would pierce his soul, but his enthusiasm could not be dampened by such remarks. Articulating his belief Rajesh said, “I never said that I want to change the world. In fact the world of children is so beautiful I am enriching myself in the company of children. I enjoy putting my heart and soul with them.”

Rajesh life is a living example of how liking what are has to do can keep away frustration and spell true success.