“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

Mark Twain


Rakesh Shukla is the Founder & CEO of TWB (www.twb.in) India’s leader in Enterprise Knowledge Creation. The largest technology companies in the world in IT, Defense Aerospace, Banking etc are TWB’s customers. He has worked with the largest telecom technology companies in the world before starting TWB.This is not his complete introduction. He has hit the headlines for an uncanny bizarre reason.




 Rakesh Shukla

He has set up an exclusive rescue line for stray dogs in Bangalore. If any person spots a dog in trouble, all he has to do is to call the helpline, and within no time volunteers reach the spot to rescue the dog. Since he first rescued a dog named Lucky from the streets of Bangalore three years ago, Rakesh decided to do something to take care of stray dogs. He founded an NGO “Voice of Stray Dogs” (VoSD) which has saved close to 200 canines, including dozens of trauma cases. Every dog should have his day and this day has come. “When I first started rescuing dogs they stayed in my office. Now, there are five dogs at my home, ten at my office, including four that live in my office room and use my sofas for a bed, and 125 more that live in my home outside Bangalore,” Shukla said.

Rakesh, a telecommunication engineer, has ensured that volunteers are equipped with the latest GPS-tracking devices. Once the dog is rescued, all services are provided free, including X-rays, MRIs, eco-advanced surgery for cancers and heart surgery. But what really inspired Shukla to start VoSD was the death of an abandoned St. Bernard that he himself had rescued in 2012.

Tara, an eight-year-old Alsatian, is completely blind as she is suffering from severe cataract. Her owners abandoned her in the busy roads of Bangalore city. If it was not Rakesh and his NGO, her life could have been cut short by the city’s ruthless traffic. Tara will be undergoing surgery for her eyes now.The NGO also has four ambulances and highly qualified vets. “While I was able to touch the lives of by that time in 20 dogs that I had, but it was still not sufficient to address the problem in Bangalore. So on October 15, I launched the service where you can report dogs in Bangalore. We have four ambulances and we have very highly qualified vets who we have outsourced our work to,” Rakesh said

He is going the extra mile to rescue, rehabilitate, litigate and make this world a better place for man’s best friend. “He built a new structure on the outskirts of Bangalore to home the ever-increasing number of dogs. Describing the new home, he said it comprised “a few acres of land, completely designed bottoms up for dogs, double fencing, ten enclosures with double gates and each enclosure with its own water pond, a 1/4 acre artificially created lake for them to swim”. VoSD has a trauma centre too that has between 20 and 30 dogs at any time.

Rakesh said people just don’t interact with animals. “Our disassociation with animals in general is almost complete. Growing up in middle class India, you are almost never going to touch an animal unless you have had a pet. We just don’t interact with animals.”

“We use monitored help lines, GPS tracking. All services are provided free, including X-rays, MRIs, eco-advanced surgery for cancers and heart surgery,” he said. Since the opening of the VoSD rescue lines on October 15, 2012, people have sought help for 850 stray dogs and 600 have been picked up and treated.Shukla describes VoSD as one of the largest legal and information repositories for issues related to dogs in India.”Because of the principle involved, VoSD does not, and will not take any aid from any government or another agency,” he said.