“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” 

― Nelson Mandela

                  It was 10.20pm in Bhopal, when Shubank Gupta a student of BE I Year was standing in front of his house and talking to his friend Swapnil Bhargava. The duo had returned after seeing a movie. Two strangers came and parked their bike nearby. They were discussing something. When Shubank was showing some pictures on his mobile to Swapnil, suddenly one of the strangers pounced on him, snatched the mobile and started running away. In a flick of a second Shubank chased him shouting “Chor hai ye, pakdo ise”. He caught up with him and grappled with him for about five minutes. The thief tried to set himself free with all his might, but when he could not, he pulled out a revolver and pointed towards Shubank, threatening to shoot him.


                     “I don’t know what prompted me to hold on without being scared of losing my life” recalls Shubank. Any other person in his place would have given up. Just then Swapnil reached the spot and snatched the loaded revolver and mobile. In the meantime the accomplice of the thief escaped on his bike. Shubank’s parents, uncle and some neighbors came on the scene, and nabbed the thief.

The events took a dramatic turn, when a person appeared on the scene, claiming to be a policeman, and asked for the custody of the thief and the revolver. When people did not heed to him, he disappeared.

Around the same time, two police men were on patrolling duty on their bike. The thief was handed over to them, who took him to the MP Nagar police station where a FIR was lodged. For this exceptional act of bravery the Inspector General of Police, Shri Upendra Jain rewarded Shubank and Swapnil with a cash prize of Rs 5000 and certificate of appreciation. He also complimented them for setting an example difficult for other to emulate.

Shubhank’s mother was in a state of shock, when she learnt about such a big risk which her son had taken. “I was very worried and I can’t forget this incident” she added. His father is proud of his son’s bravery, and so are his friends.

When asked to give a message Shubank said, “People should boldly come forward and face the miscreants, so that the incidents of chain and mobile snatching can be checked.”

Son of business man dealing with cement, steel and other building materials, Shubhank draws inspiration from his father, whom he takes as a role model. He wants to become a successful entrepreneur, as he guided by the philosophy of Carrie Layre, founder and CEO of Best buzz “Entrepreneurship is not a part time job, it is not even a full time job; it’s a life style!” Shubhank is prepared to face the difficulties and challenges that will come in his way, by dint of hard work perseverance.