He was so hungry that he preferred to eat bananas worth four  rupees which was the tonga fare and walk all the way from his home town Dharuheda in the scorching heat of 40° C. He was carrying an iron equipment weighing 26 kg, which he had assembled, and was going to deliver it to the Company Continental Value at Sohna. This is how he delivered his first product.

Meet Mr. Ishwar Saini, Founder Director of Perfect Engineering Component Private Limited. Son of a teacher, Ishwar did B.Com in 1987 He wanted to do M.Com and then come a teacher, or take up some government job. His dreams were shattered when the was refused admission in M.Com. It was not easy for his father to meet the expenditure of four children, and the medical treatment of his ailing wife.

Educated in the village school and College, Ishwar was not confident of facing any job interview in English. Just when he was on the look out for some job, Dharuheda was declared an industrial area. Soon many industrial units and their ancillaries were set up there, Hero Honda was one of them.

He toyed with the idea of starting a small business, but no one had ever done any business in his family. Neither he had any money to invest, nor any technical qualification. His only asset was, a burning desire to do something better than others, and make it big.

Today his company can rightly boast of an annual turnover of Rs 18 crores. There are two production units in Haryana, and one in Rajasthan in which 120 satisfied workers are putting in their best. The quality of its products is so good, that it has bagged export orders.

Recalling his earlier days Ishwar says “I approached the Haryana Financial Corporation in Rewadi for a loan which was sanctioned.” He set up a workshop by installing two lathe machines, in his ancestral house in the village, and employed two operators. He managed to get maintenance jobs from some factories. In-spite of having no technical knowledge, Ishwar used to watch the work intently. He picked up some technical terms and used to work on the machines at night, to develop confidence. He took every work as a challenge.

Gradually Ishwar acquired knowledge about the functioning of machines in big companes. “I used to think of ways to make those machines more productive” he adds with a twinkle in his eyes. Meanwhile he found a life partner “Shakti” who true to her name has been a constant source of strength and support in all his ventures.


In 1992 Perfect Engineering got the contract of maintenance of wheel assembly machines of Hero Honda. It prepared a set of 1200 wheel assembly machines, whereas with the same resources, its competitor Bajaj Auto could make only 280 units. Saini employed 18 workers for this job as against 41 workers employed by his rival. This tilted the profits in his favor.

As luck would have it, the maintenance manager of the ancillary of Hero Honda, switched over to an ancillary of Bajaj Auto in Aurangabad. When he mentioned about the efficiency of Perfect Engineering, Saini was called upon to prepare a similar machine for Aurangabad Electrical, an ancillary of Bajaj, “I was foxed, because neither I had the capital nor the workshop to fabricate such a machine. To my surprise I was given a bank draft within a few minutes, to install the machine” says Saini with pride.

He accepted this big offer as a challenge, and delivered the machine ready in three months. Can you believe it, during these three months Saini did not leave the workshop even for a single day, he did not even meet his family. Such a level of dedication is difficult to find.This machine which produced more out put, with less manpower was one of its kind, and orders started pouring in. Ishwar Saini has travelled to China, Germany and Poland.

When asked about the secret of his success, Saini said “I maintain total transparency in the raw materials used, and never compromise on quality”, His products are about 30% costlier than those of his competitors, but still he never has to go to collect orders. They keep trickling in the auto system factory. Perfect Engineering Component Company is presently functioning from its new campus in Manesar (Haryana).