It was about 4-15 pm on 19 Aug 2013 in a busy market place in Bhopal. Among the traffic was a mini bus which stopped and an elderly person holding his mobile phone got down. One miscreant snatched his mobile phone and started running away. The old man cried for help. A traffic havildar on duty nearby rushed to his rescue, and grabbed the mobile thief. He was struggling with all his might to set himself free. Finding him helpless his accomplices came on the scene in a drunken state, and pounced on the havildar with a knife. In the scuffle that ensued one of the veins of his hand got cut, which resulted in profuse bleeding. Unmindful of the pain and bleeding, he did not loosen his grip on the miscreant. Finally the thief was booked under attempt to murder.Sahaslal had to admitted to Apex hospital where he had to undergo surgery.

police sahaslal

            This act of exceptional bravery shown by 45 years young Havildar Sahaslal Saryam has elevated him to a real life hero. He stretched himself beyond the call of duty, without bothering for his safety or that of his family, for which the Director General of Police Madhya Pradesh announced a prize of Rs 25,000 for him. About five years earlier Sahaslal helped a nurse retrieve a snatched chain, for which he earned cash reward of Rs 10,000.  Thoughts like” what can the miscreants do to take revenge against me and my family members in future” don’t come to his mind and hold him back from taking such bold and daring actions.

Hailing from a lower middle class family, he has three daughters and a son. He is leaving no stone unturned to give the best of education to his daughters, who are studying in College. Educated only up to class XI (which was the school leaving class during those days) Sahaslal aspired to be a teacher. He lives by the philosophy of Geeta “do your duties without bothering for the results. Punctuality and sincerity have been the hallmarks of his personality. When asked about the happiest day of his life he quipped, “When I get the police gold medal”

I am sure that day is not a off, when the gold medal will adorn his chest.

(The above success story is based on the interview of Havildar Sahaslal Saryam by Maj Pradeep Khare)