Ordinary people relax after retirement at the age of 60 years, but someone who starts studying for LLB thereafter is bound to be extra ordinary. Meet Mr. Mohanlal Parmar of Rajkot, Gujrat who has started his legal practice at the ripe age of 63 years.

            Born, brought up and educated in Gujarati medium at Vadnagar the home town of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. He shares his first name with the father of the nation. Understanding English was challenge, which he overcame by using a dictionary and trying to read “The Times of India”. Early marriage forced him to take up a clerical job in the income tax department after matriculation.

Mohanlal parmar

He recollects his school days when he had to go 15 kms away, to the tehsildar to get his certificates attested. This inspired him to become an officer some day. Alongside his job, he continued his studies and did his graduation. After graduation he appeared for competitive examinations and was selected as direct recruit Inspector in the Income-tax Department. He had to study with the help of candle light and lantern because of lack of resources. He also mastered the nuances of accountancy and cleared the departmental examinations, which paved his way for promotion to the post of Income tax Inspector. Consistent hard work and sincerity led him to the coveted post of Additional commissioner of Income Tax.

The turning point in Mohanlal’s life come in 2004, when there was a theft in his son’s mobile shop. In spite of insurance cover, and the thief caught with some stolen items, the insurance company did not admit the claim. After his retirement in the following year, instead of relaxing, he enrolled for LLB Course and completed it in three years. He faced another hurdle because the maximum age limit for registration as an advocate was 45 years. Undaunted, he appealed against this provision and managed to get his registration done. Initially he filed his son’s case with the help of another advocate, as he was studying for LLB. After he won the case the insurance company filed an appeal in the National Consumer Court in Delhi. Parmar defended the case himself at Delhi and won.

One of Parmar’s acquaintances underwent treatment for mouth cancer, at a hospital in Mumbai. In spite of valid mediclaim for the past 15 years, the company refused to admit the claim on the pretext of smoking. He came forward to help, fought the case and finally not only won, but also managed to get a compensation of six lakhs.

A devotee of lord Hanuman, Parmar feels that one can acquire a good quality from each and everyone. A keen social activist, he helps poor students and villagers for which he earmarks 10% of his pension. A noble act indeed for which he deserves a salute. He also spreads awareness about health, yoga, civic sense, consumer protection and service matters.

Always ready to help people in need, he articulates his secret of success saying “there is no short cut to hard work” and “nothing is difficult, if you have a firm determination.”  Parmar follows Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology according to which there is no use of  “ politics without principles;  pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character ;  business without morality; science without humanity and worship without sacrifice.”

            (The above success story is based on interview of Shri Mohanlal Parmar (09824291510) by Maj Pradeep Khare.)