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       The man sitting behind the counter wears a smile on his face,but behind this smile is a brave heart,which has suffered the agony of not one but two accidents,in which he lost one leg and incapacitated the other.
Meet Mr Daljit Deshmukh,Manager,CKC -a chain of food outlets in Bhopal.He comes to work at 9.45 am in an auto-rickshaw along with his folding wheel chair,in which he enters the restaurant.He works here tirelessly till 10.30 pm ,maintaining accounts,managing workers,customers and also planning future expansion and growth of CKC.

Mr Sanjay Singh proprieter of CKC says,” I had met Mr Deshmukh ,in connection with hiring some staff,but I was so impressed with his enthusiasm,sincerity of purpose,and willingness to take on responsibility,that I entrusted the managerial job to him.”
His “never say die attitude” has kept him afloat in the turbulent times which he alone could have faced.He did his graduation and hotel management course in Bhopal in 1978.His first job was that of a receptionist in Hotel Ramsons .His devotion and sincerity got him a managers’ job in Hotel President in 1983.Confidence led him to start a fast food joint in partnership ,which lasted for seven years.Deshmukh had a satisfying stint with Hotel Skylark for four years ,after which he joined Hotel Ranjit Lake view ,a leading four star hotel of Bhopal as a Manager.
Calamity struck in 2004 when his two wheeler was hit by a truck.The severe accident left him hospitalised for three long months ,after which his right leg had to be amputed.Being a diabetic,he continued treatment at home for another six months ,and got an artificial leg fitted in Mumbai.To make both ends meet he started outdoor catering and tiffin service,which are continuing even now.

Hardly had he resumed work,the cruel hands of fate struck him another blow,when the auto rickshaw  in which he was travelling banged against an electric pole.He sustained multiple fractures in his left leg ,and had to be hospitalised for two months.Unfortunately the leg was unable to bear the weight of his body,and is incapacitated. In this way he literally lost both his legs.Coz of his financial condition he could not afford expensive treatment.Since 2007 his mobility has been restricted to a wheel chair.
During these tough times Mr Deshmukh was under severe stress,being the breadwinner of the family.His unflinching faith in God,coupled with positive mental attitude and unconditional support of his wife kept his catering business going,and prevented him from slipping in a state of depression.Apart from his supporting wife ,his source of strength are his two sons-one is an MBA working in Indore,and the other is a budding CA.
Deshmukh remembers the emotional and financial support of Mr Garde ,a BHEL official who shares the same predicament having lost both his legs. Among other people who helped and supported him  during difficult times was his friend Sandeep Maheshewari .
In his message to people in similar situations he says”never give up”and “always think positive.”He believes that if you take initiative,God will send people to help you.He takes his father as his role model,who used to say,”first deserve,then desire”Deshmukh wants to continue working till his last breath.God willing,he will continue to inspire many people going through difficult times,for many years to come.

(The above success story has been prepared by Maj Pradeep Khare ,based on personal interview with Mr Daljit Deshmukh)