In 1981, while he was studying for B.Com as a private student, he boarded a mini bus in Bhopal on the lookout for a job. He decided to get down at the last bus stop, and walked into Agarwal Enterprises, which was right in front of the bus stop. When he asked for a job, they thought he had responded to their ad, but he replied in the negative. He was offered a job of workshop in charge for Rs 250 a month, although he demanded Rs 50 more. Meet Ashutosh Mishra, who is now the founder CEO of Perfect Power Systems Private Limited, which can rightly boast of a turnover of a whooping ten crores!


Ashutosh was born in Nagpur His father was in a government job, and mother a housewife. He started his schooling in village Siakhera,Betul,and then moved on to Jabalpur,Bhilai,Durg,coz of transfers of his father.He was a below average student, whose dream was to become a big business man .He studied at RCS College ,Durg and finally at Safia College Bhopal, where he enrolled for BCom as a private student.
Agarwal Enterprises gave him a raise of Rs 50, in view of his good performance. After a few months he switched to Golden furnitures as a sales executive. After four months, he completed BCom, and moved to Pune.He started with odd marketing jobs like selling phenyl. Marketing of Solotone calculators created an interest in electronics.
Keltron selected Ashutosh as a marketing executive in Mumbai. He established a record in selling radios, which although of better quality, were priced higher. He moved to Bhopal on transfer and was marketing stabilizers. Soon he was promoted to branch in charge, the only non malayali to be on that post.
Dealing with stabilisers,ignited in Ashutosh the spark to take a plunge in the business on batteries and inverters .In 1986 he made  modest beginning of Annapurna Electronics ,with a paltry sum of Rs 5000 only. Developing the business alongside his job, he resigned in 1990, when he was branch manager for the whole of MP.
The going has not been easy for all these years,Mishra ji has put his heart and soul ,with the firm belief that God has sent us on this earth ,with immense possibilities ,HE guides us at every step, with full support, and welcomes us. It is up to us how much we use His blessings.
Mishra ji takes care of his staff like his family members. He has guided about a hundred of his employees to start their business, and no wonder; some of them have become his competitors too! On the social front too ,he has made his presence felt  by many activities like construction of a temple ,provision of free drinking water during summers, running a school for the underprivileged,etc.
When asked what message he would like to give for new entrepreneurs, he quipped, “think big, and do big things by putting your heart and soul into it “Unfolding his secret of success ,he said, “build your reliability and good will ,select a good team, and harness God’s blessings”