I am narrating this story of mine for the first time to anybody because I feel whatever I had done in this incident was out of humanity , but looking back I think how many of us would have even given it a try , risking their lives..


I was studying in the college at Port Blair..In holidays… Once while travelling in a train from Calcutta to Pune, somewhere in between during night time , I was sitting on the door steps of the running train to smoke a cigarette and their was this guy standing just behind me, as soon as I lighted up the cigarette, he also joined me with his cigarette by sitting next to me on the steps of the running train…..suddenly there was a jerk most probably due to urgent application of brake and both of us were caught off balance….the door which was resting behind us came banging on m…e from behind…which made me off balance, somehow I could hold on to the window bars of the door..but the guy next to me had lost total balance and was holding with his both hands to the door railing hanging in the air, nearly about to fall from the train……I held on his trouser belt on the waist with my left hand..since he was elder & heavier than me I was in lot of strain to hold him…. I could hear him saying “bhaiyya Chhorna mat, nahi toh main mar jaunga ” and I was desperately holding him with my total strength…I was totally drenched in sweat and was so frightened and shocked , that I did not even shout for help….luckily, for me , after some distance the train slowed down…so I got confident that I will be able to save this guy….after sometime train came to halt as there was a red signal ahead…..he climbed up and had tears in his eyes….he hugged me and ran his hand on my face….I was so shocked at what had happened that I hardly had any words to say….when I look back at what had happened I get goose bumps….What if we both had fallen from the running train? My belief in supreme power has strengthened from that day onward!

The above story has been posted by Mr Madhukar Magar of Pune. The act won him the Radio Mirchi bravery award.