Anand Kumar is an Indian educationalist and mathematician. He is best known for his Super 30 programme, which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002, and which coaches economically backward students for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).
A simple man, who has come up the hard way, he wants to honestly help those who are finding it difficult to realize their potential due to hardship.Recalling the beginning of Ramanajum school of Mathematics ,Anand said”Initially, it was just an idea to hone my own mathematical skills for that, I needed a platform where mathematics teachers and scholars could come and share ideas. Later, due to acute financial crisis, I decided to teach a few students there, but initially it was again free teaching. But when the students excelled, more of them started coming in and some of them also paid nominal fees.”Ramanajum school of Mathematics functions just like a  tuition center for plus two students. It teaches them the basics of the syllabus.  The fee structure is barely 15% of the prevalent market fee. This draws talented and not so talented students from poor families. They study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for two years for just Rs 3000. As many of them are not in a position to pay even that much, they are allowed to study free. Many of them go on to appear in various competitions, including engineering and banking examinations, and subsequently do well in life. “Now, Ramanujan school of mathematics is a source of our income to run the Super 30 programme. In the Super 30 programme, every year we keep 30 students and provide them free education,boarding and lodging.”adds Anand.                                     Anand kumar is the brain  behind Super 30, the ambitious and innovative educational program.When asked about his experiences in launching the super 30 program he said” The genesis of Super 30, I must admit, lay in the life’s hardships I experienced and later I saw many talented students grappling with. At Ramanujam School, I could see some of the students not having enough money to buy even slippers. They came barefoot. Many of them had genuine financial problems for not paying even the modest fee. They were mostly from the poorest strata of the society, viz wards of rickshaw puller, private security guard, roadside vendor, etc. This gave me the idea of floating Super 30, so that I could groom 30 talented students free of cost. The very first year, 18 of them managed to crack IIT-JEE, which boosted my confidence.”Elaborating his biggest challenges Anand said”Initially, the biggest challenge was to be able to help the students get into the IIT-JEE. Later, some coaching Mafia threw unexpected challenges, as they found the initiative against the interest of then flourishing coaching industry. They were already upset with my low fee structure at Ramanujam School and free coaching concept further upset them. They even attacked me and my people. But with time, they realized I was not the one to pull back my steps.”

The collaboration between Super 30 and University of Tokyo is another feather in Anand’s cap.The details are available on

University of Tokyo wants to give scholarship to some of the meritorious students of science from India for higher studies in Japan. In Japan, the presence of Indian students is negligible. The University authorities had heard  about Super 30, as several TV channel reporters from Japan came to make films on Super 30 in the last three years. Impressed, they approached Anand to select at least one student for higher studies in Japan.It is a dream come true for poor students.

Anand has won various several  awards over the years for his pioneering work. When asked”What do awards mean to you?” he said “I don’t work for awards. I never had an idea that Super 30 could be so popular one day. But it happened and the awards and recognition  also came. After all, with recognition, responsibilities also grow to maintain what one has achieved. I hope I will continue to do what I know the best – to groom students at Super 30.”