These days when people don’t show concern for human beings,is it possible to find someone who not only shows concern, but loves animals and that too stray animals?Meet Mrs. Irani Mukherjee,whose passion for animals has become a blessing for them. She is a born animal lover. It all started in Calcutta. Six dogs brought her up, after  Irani  was orphaned at the tender age of 10 years. Alone, forlorn and unprotected she had to fend for herself, with no one by her side, except the faithful loyal animals, and some property, which her late father had left for her. They escorted her everywhere – to the market, to school and in later years even to college. In Irani Mukherjee’s words the animals were her constant companions and guardians.They gave her unconditional love and  were watchful. Her love for her four-legged friends was such, that she decided to marry a man who did not want children and shared her passion for animals. She refused motherhood to look after her beloved animals. Her father used to pick up dogs from the roadside and she also does the same. Her sympathy remains for the stray dogs, because she feels that the pedigree dogs can always find a home, as people are willing to pay for them. Till today she has kept alive the sentiment of looking after stray dogs. She has soft corner for all animals.big or small .

irani mukherjee

Initially for the post-sterilization care she used to keep the dogs in her veranda and sometimes even in the rooms of her house. However as their number increased there was shortage of space. She  had to classify the dogs according to their breed and their living habits.She understood the requirements of each dog and tried her best to fulfill them. She used to appeal to everybody to either adopt a dog or donate food,medicines etc.  However,as the work and responsibility increased, Mrs Irani Mukherjee felt it is difficult to manage all the things  single-handed.

                 Mrs. Mukherjee began tending animals at her home, and later started moving them to a make-shift clinic, but that wasn’t enough and hence the society was formed. She and her husband started with their own money and no outside help.  Gradually she was successful in gathering few more people and got the society registered and recognized. Although she was a school teacher, but, she used to donate all her salary to the society. Her as well as her husband’s income was spent in looking after the stray animals at the three shelters. She inherited some property and that was her capital to buy plots to start a hospital. She started pick up of stray animals in her own Maruti car. She had to sell off her property to buy the land in Neb Sarai for a shelter. It was her extreme love and devotion for animals that has enabled the society to establish three shelters. Most of the dogs when brought here were acutely sick and now are recuperating and healthy.

She gets joy and satisfaction in taking care of the animals.She actively organizes meetings and camps to make people sensitive to the needs of the animals,and encourage people to adopt them.She said “GOD could not be everywhere ,as He created DOG as his reflection”