Deepak Joshi, a young lad of 17 years came to Bombay in the year of 1977 to try his fortune and earn a living. Deepak came from a small village, Jadar, district Sabarkantha in Gujarat. In the village he attended school like any other youngster. Unfortunately, at the age of 11, his father had a paralytic attack. This left the small child as the sole earning member of the family. Deepak worked in houses doing menial jobs after school hours. When he turned 12 years of age he started cooking. By the time he was 16, he was a master chef who cooked not only ordinary ‘dal chawal and sabzi but also special dishes and sweets for a gathering of 800 -1000. He had turned into a talented chef who had diners licking up their fingers. At age 12, he had also became the pujari of a temple where he performed all the rites and conducted all the prayers and pujas on a regular basis. All this while attending school. Over and above, Deepak, a very short, fat boy, walked miles and miles to save the dough, for the family’s essential needs. In 1976, he completed his 11th grade in Gujarati medium.img_deepak_pic1

Then, to seek greener pastures, Deepak came to Bombay. Education was on this youngster’s mind so he enrolled in Gyan Sarita College, Mulund, where the medium of instruction is English. He was successful in getting admission for the 12th and graduated and became a degree holder of the Bachelor of Commerce. Deepak attended college from 8a.m. to noon. And, from noon to 8 p.m. he worked as a textile worker and soon got promoted to the post of clerk. And in those hard times, Deepak who started at a salary Rs. 800/= was already receiving Rs. 3000/=. In 1983, he left the job to start his own business. Pracheta Packing House was the business this youngster of 25 years started in 1985 and closed down in 1987 because it failed so miserably. At the same time he was also an insurance agent with Peerless. Life was not so bad till an officer of this prestigious company played false and the trust was broken. So, disillusioned, Deepak left the company. With the business a miserable failure and an agent no longer, the next two years were practically on the streets for this young entrepreneur. Life does not forsake altogether, and though he was in bad shape financially, Deepak’s name and life were further illuminated, when a young, charming girl, Meenaxi, walked into his life on 20th April 1984. The marriage was an arranged family affair and right from the word go Meenaxi is in step after step behind Deepak.

In June-July 84, Deepak enrolled as a LIC agent. In March 1985, his services got terminated because he did not even ensure 12 lives, which was the minimum business, the Company’s required. He got reinstated in July 1985 as a full time agent. From then on, Deepak, shone as his name suggests, took flight as on a bird’s wings, and there was no stopping him. As he started doing well, his colleagues flocked around him, holding meetings at tea stalls, exchanging ideas and experiences discussing the success and failures of selling insurance. They discussed ways and means to convince and assure potential clients. One thing, Deepak does not believe in, ever, is that, he has completed his education after graduation. He kept educating himself, reading books and completing courses offered by ‘Landmark Education Corporation, USA.’ Also courses held by the ‘Life Insurance Round Table (LIRT), Life Underwriters’ National Guild (LUNG), LUTC and LIIAFI. All this and his own potential gave him confidence to come forward as a voracious speaker and a dedicated leader amongst those who he came across. He broadened his base by meeting Development Officers, Branch Managers, learning what they had to offer him and leaving behind his modest and lasting effect of himself.

This resulted in him sharing his experiences with others at the LIC Offices where he was invited many times over by branch managers and Development Officers. In 1995, a demand for a formal training course arose which originated in the ‘Institute of Excellence’ (IOE).This Institute trains not only Insurance Agents but also Development Officers in the field of Insurance.

Deepak , Founder President of ‘Institute of Excellence’, believes in sharing and illuminating the lives around him, and his principle is to carry along others with him, to the pinnacles of success. This above conviction has created another Company ‘Indian Institute of Excellence’ (IIE) in 2002. Agents and Development Officers who have enrolled as students of ‘Basic Course’ in the IOE and have completed other courses all the way to the Commitment Course become not only Directors but also leaders of IIE .These Directors then conduct and lead the courses in IOE. IOE and IIE have 20 centres where courses are held. Besides, these two Companies gave birth to a third one, ‘Excellent Media Publishers Private Limited’. This is to felicitate Agents and Development Officers to avail of Audio Cassettes of speeches and books of the best and top Insurance Agents worldwide. This company also publishes a monthly magazine ‘Insurance World’ which is well-received and also well-renowned in the Insurance field. Besides, all this, since the last four years, a monthly seminar is held at the Shanmukhanand Hall wherein 2000 agents attend to hear top-notch people regale them with their experiences and give thought-provoking speeches to become successful agents in the field of insurance.

Deepak Joshi, as one can see, has come up the hard way, by sheer dint of hard work and positive thinking. This agent, who was a terminated agent, did not give up. Today he has been an MDRT 10 times over. He has also qualified as TOT. He held the post of Vice-President of LIC AGENTS Association (ALICIA).Deepak has addressed meetings at Alicia many a time and at LIRT, Indore. Deepak has been a Promotional Director for LIRT. He has also addressed several sessions of Insurance Regulatory Developmental Act. (IRDA) and also conducted workshops for Computer Media Dealers’ Association (CMDA). Besides all this, Deepak has been invited to address 11 Rotary Clubs, over insurance related matters.


His warmth and love and simplicity have endeared him to many not only in India but to those he meets across the globe. Deepak is a success but it doesn’t stop at that. He has been awarded many times by LIC officials for his extraordinary performances and achievements. He wants to help and guide others be as successful if not more successful than him. Deepak’s vision is to tap Asia within the next two years and then after that achieve International Recognition with Degree Courses for Insurance Agents and Development Officers.

Deepak’s vision is not just an imaginary vision in his eyes or on paper. Whatever Deepak has wanted he has achieved. That is a record for all to see. As Deepak says, “My life is an open book for all to see.” Today, Deepak has four offices in Mumbai, 20 centres and handles a well-trained and qualified staff of 25 assistants. In 1998, he had only one office with a handful of assistants.