You may have heard about many successful people who were nothing in the beginning and they became a famous person or personality later, but this story is greater than those all. It will be hard to believe on this but you have to believe on it, because this is a true Success story of an Indian lady who got married at the age of only 16, became a two child mother at the age of 18 who worked as agricultural laborer for Rs. 5 per day and today she is the CEO of a Software company in USA.

Her story is enough to explain that ‘Success is the result of a continuous hardworking with optimism ,overcoming all the barriers’.  This is the Incredible Success story of the most successful woman who started from Nothing, and didn’t wait for the opportunity to knock but created the opportunity on her own, worked hard and made History, this is the complete success story of ‘Jyothi Reddy’.

Early Life, Education and Marriage

Every success story has a humble beginning which proceeds through extraordinary events, and extreme life journeys. The story of D. Anila Jyothi Reddy is one of them. She was born in Warangal District (Andhra Pradesh) as eldest of four children to a common peasant who lost his employment from Army because of his attachment with the family. It was very difficult for her poor father to run family, so he put Jyothi in a government orphanage at Hanumakonda as a mother less child. From 5th class to 10th class Jyothi Reddy stayed in orphanage by having solitary life away from home.

She used to await if anyone would come and render some help. Particularly during winter season when she used to shiver like anything as her blankets were torn. Even during summer she never used to go to her village, she used to stay in warden’s house and did all the house hold work for which she was fed. She passed 10th class with good marks but could not continue her education. At the age of just 16 they performed her marriage with Mr. Sangi Reddy and by the age of 18, she became mother of two girls.

Necessity made her Post Graduate Teacher

To meet the basic requirements of her family, Jyothi started working as an agricultural laborer for 5 Rupees a day and continued working from 1986 to 1989. Jyothi would mostly work in the fields and struggled to find a job in off seasons. Her tumultuous life changed the day when Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) founded a night school with the intention of providing basic education for the villagers.

Jyothi in Red Saree with white chain….When she working with Nehru Yuva kendra,Warangal…in 1990-91 Year and Salary was 190 Rupees per Month

She was the only educated girl in village so they appointed her as the volunteer to educate the adults after giving some training. It fetched her Rupees 150 per month. Her hard work and dedication impressed the Inspection authorities and they promoted her to Mandal Prerak of Hanumakonda. After being appointed there, Jyothi had to visit all the centres of the Warangal district and there she realized the importance of education. and she went on to completing her graduation and post graduation from Ambedkar Open University. Later, on completion of her B. Ed from Anna University, Jyothi Reddy became a government teacher. It was the initial stage that she successfully achieved through slow but steady steps.

Reason to Go Abroad

If the story stopped here there would be nothing much to inspire others. Real Story begins here, Jyothi was working as inspector of schools, a relative of her who settled in America came to India, after meeting them on some occasions she realized how a completely different lifestyle they led. So for a bright future for her daughters, she dreamed of going abroad, as an old proverb says “Success is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” She started learning computers and saving money for her passport and visa. Back in those days, getting US Visa wasn’t as easy as today she tried many times and failed but eventually after series of early failures she could get a visiting visa and flew to America having a very little amount.

First Work in USA

There challenges did not stop, her relatives denied giving her shelter they refused to take her phone call and fortunately was finally accepted as a paying guest by a Gujarati family. As work Jyothi joined a video shop in New Jersey as a salesperson, While working an Indian from Warangal saw her and recommended her name to his brother who owned a company called “ CSAMERICA” and she was appointed as recruiter there after being trained. It was a climbing phase of her economic and career ladder. Several months later, a reputed company ICSA offered her a better position with better salary so she moved. Jyothi says about that time “It was a crucial time for me. I had to deal with Americans but did not know English very well”.

After working for some days again she became in trouble when the company asked her to resign for not owning a working Visa. She resigned and once again worked for just $5 an hour doing several offbeat jobs until the day she received her H1 Visa (h1 Visa allows US employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations).

Idea of establish entrepreneurship

She went to Mexico for her VISA to be stamped. According to Jyothi ‘Getting the Visa Stamped, was one of the most painful and dreary experiences for her’, all the hardships of obtaining visa gave her an idea of establish her first entrepreneurship to assist the people to get their Visas. Jyothi came back to U.S in May 2000 and by September, 2001 she became entrepreneur with her own initiation, i.e. Keys software solutions was initiated. It extended its services in developing software solutions and recruitment and other job providing areas. She made her cousin as partner and extended her business to become more profitable.

The Dream became True

Her priority and dream was always giving her children that life which she didn’t lived, Her hard work, commitment and dedication towards her goal make all her dreams true. Her two daughters had finished higher education in America from prestigious universities and got married to well settled bridegrooms. She made enough money to take care of her children and herself with many other children living in Orphanages. She did perfectly what she dreamed for and proved ‘No condition is permanent’.

Mrs. Jyothi Reddy is now the owner of a million-dollar company, has customised homes in the US and India, owns a Toyota Camry (an earlier car was a BMW) and has “enough” jewellery which is generally any women’s biggest dream specially in India :).

Believe in Humanity

Jyothi strongly believes the words of Mother Teresa… “ The worst disease in the world is neither poverty nor other, lack of feeling of belongingness, being unwanted is the worst ”. Whenever she visits the Orphanages in India she prefers to spend more time with the orphans. “ she is more than mother to me’’ says Ranjitha, an orphan who is being sponsored by Jyothi, she helps the children with all that they require among all the love and feeling of belongingness. She visits Women’s colleges too and empowers them with her life experience. She also helped many Indians to settle in America by providing initial shelter and guidance.

Agricultural workers still remember her as friendly, keen to learn work, but often bemoaning her fate. “She used to walk around with an umbrella,” recalls one labourer with a laugh.

Conclusion She has proven that higher education is attainable by even very poor people against all odds. She proves that to be successful, what requires is aspiration, desperation, perseverance to accomplish, which most people think to be impossible. She is also a live example of ‘harder you work and luckier you get’. If you see many college students and people they keep on blaming their environment and parents when they fail to satisfy their wants. A sincere advice to them to visit any orphanage at least once in a year. You better understand the real pain of the life and appreciate what you really have.